Q&A Would you use 7zip to encrypt important files before upload them?

Do you think it's safe to use 7zip to encrypt files?

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Eddie Morra

7zip works well in my opinion. Good choice. It's always a safe idea to encrypt with a password before storing sensitive archives on cloud storage... you never know where they could end up, or how long they will remain accessible/recoverable to unknown hands.


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Aug 7, 2017
I sometimes use 7zip to store files in the cloud. But always make sure to use a complex password and the AES-256 bit encryption option.

If you need access to your files on the go a great alternative is the open source Cryptomator. The desktop software is free but you need to pay for the mobile app.

I tried Boxcryptor and Axcrypt, both very good solutions, but was put off by the annual subscription. You can also consider Kruptos (trialware) or Kryptel. The latter is available in a freeware version.
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