Advice Request Would you use 7zip to encrypt important files before upload them?

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Do you think it's safe to use 7zip to encrypt files?

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Nov 26, 2017

I would like to know your opinion about using 7zip to encrypt files and upload them to the cloud.
With 7Zip it's so easy to update the files in the "container". Faster and easier than with veracrypt IMO.
PS: I love and use veracrypt and Bitlocker too, so no hate here! :)

Eddie Morra

7zip works well in my opinion. Good choice. It's always a safe idea to encrypt with a password before storing sensitive archives on cloud storage... you never know where they could end up, or how long they will remain accessible/recoverable to unknown hands.


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Aug 7, 2017
I sometimes use 7zip to store files in the cloud. But always make sure to use a complex password and the AES-256 bit encryption option.

If you need access to your files on the go a great alternative is the open source Cryptomator. The desktop software is free but you need to pay for the mobile app.

I tried Boxcryptor and Axcrypt, both very good solutions, but was put off by the annual subscription. You can also consider Kruptos (trialware) or Kryptel. The latter is available in a freeware version.
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