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Found this pdf article, which gets into some limitations of memory protection in 64 bit environments. Please consider that the article is referenced from this page November 2015:

The Limitations of EMET on WoW64

Here is the pdf. I don't quickly click on links to pdfs and never links in pdfs, but this one seems safe enough to me to link. However, please be aware and kindly click on your own risk. It's from the same group as added the web article:

The article says that mitigation is a challenging barrier for malware writers and that PC users should continue to use mitigation protections as part of a comprehensive protection scheme. It goes further, however, detailing how support of mitigation could be improved.

No idea where MS is in 2019 with regard to memory. In the pdf, the focus is on all versions of Windows since Windows 7, albeit probably somewhat dated information with regards to Windows 10. Still, the points in the article are very helpful for bringing into focus the nature of mitigation protection and the challenges being faced by security focused software writers.
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