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Released: WPS Office Free


  • Newly supports converting pictures to Word formats
  • Supports in-app payment: via Paypal, Stripe, Avangate
  • Newly supports various discounts and offers
  • Supports push messages of Message Center
  • Supports command searching
  • Added quick buttons for pictures: Layout, preview, crop
  • Changed the shape of color paletteto rectangle
  • Improved feedback entries
WPS Writer
  • Newly added feature - Checkbox ticking/unticking:
  • Convenient insert and recognition of checkboxes (empty/ticked/crossed), and supports ticking/unticking
WPS Spreadsheets
  • New entry for “Paste to Visible Cells”
  • Filter area extended to data outside empty rows
WPS Presentation
  • New entry for font zoom in/out in Speaker Notes
  • Improved custom animation task pane: supports expanding comment animation on the pane
  • New entry for media embedding

Source: Update Log - WPS