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Xbox One All-in-One Demo with Yusuf Mehdi and Marc Whitten


#1 – Unleashing the Power of Your Voice
#2 – Biometric Sign In
#3 – Instant Resume and Instant Switching
#4 – Watch Live TV via Xbox One
#5 – Get a Multiplayer Invite, while you are Watching a movie or live TV
#6 – Game DVR and Upload Studio Let You Record and Share Your Greatest Moments
#7 – Do Two Things at Once
#8 – Skype on the Big Screen, With Groups and Free Long Distance
#9 – OneGuide Delivers Personalized Guide to TV, Apps and More
#10 – Xbox SmartGlass Enhances Gaming in New Way
Remember these are Entertainment Features for the Xbox One.

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I'm quite impressed. A lot of people have been dismissing the Xbox One, but frankly, with the performance and graphics Forza displayed (it seems that DICE and Infinity Ward cannot program for the next gen platforms, with both those games being unable to run at 1080p (Ghosts does run on PS4 at 1080p, but apparently has graphics stuttering) on either platform, without having anything to justify such), and all of the functions working in sync, it looks like the superior console.


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Ignoring the fact that Ghosts will run at 720p, as it does on current gen.

This presentation was good, but I wonder how it would work in a normal home environment, as you know it's very different as you see advertised.

It's also the next-gen Windows in the making too. :p Windows 9 + Kinect 3.0 + Hand gestures + ... you get the point.