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We are less than a week away from the retail launch of the Xbox One X and we are still finding out more of the finer details regarding the gaming console. We already know that it will output to 4K when connected to a supported 4K TV or monitor and that it will supersample content when connected to a 1080p display. But how will the console react when it is connected to a 1440p monitor?

Apparently, it will output to native 1440p as the news comes via Kevin Gammill from the Xbox Engineering team through Twitter. When asked how the Xbox One X will behave, it looks like there will be support for monitors with that resolution, and won't just upscale a 1080p image to that resolution.


The Xbox One X will be available for retail starting on November 7 from a variety of retailers. But, if you want to join in on all of the festivities happening the day prior, be sure to check out our extensive post detailing how Microsoft will be celebrating around the world.

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Source: Kevin Gammill (Twitter) via Windows Central