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Hello Everyone,

Does anyone have any experience with Xvirus Personal Firewall Pro? I have been looking at this great company for a while and seeing them implement a lot of changes to their software. I wanted to get your input on this software:

1) What are your thoughts about this software?
2) Do you own or use this software (paid or free)?
3) Other thoughts?


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You may as well just use Windows Firewall with Windows Firewall Control (WFC). Most Firewall solutions nowadays rely on the same technology which Windows Firewall does.

Some vendors have started dropping their firewall components because of it not being necessary for them to maintain them considering Windows Firewall really isn't that bad nowadays.

If there's a trial of Xvirus Personal Firewall then you could test it out and stick to it if you like it - never purchase something until you've tested it.


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I have used XVirus Firewall Pro last year.
I liked it, it was light on system resources and Auto Mode is very useful especially for me because
i don't want constant alerts like other firewall's.
The only downside when i was using it, it was some CPU spikes.
I noticed them only because my cpu is ancient, anyone with a relative new hardware won't notice anything.
Will i use it again? Certainly when i will get in my hands a new laptop;)