Is Xvirus a good product? Should I continue developing?

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Dani Santos

From Xvirus
Hello and welcome to the future. Because the future is today. Because the future of malware protection is here! We present you Xvirus Personal Guard 5! What is Xvirus? Well, it's an awsome, light, easy to use and effective anti-malware product, and it's free! But I have an antivirus why do i need Xvirus? Because no antivirus program catches 100% of all malware, so why not make sure your computer is clean and give it a try?
Download now for free!
The new download link is Installer Final.exe since the site is currently offline.
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Dani Santos

From Xvirus
New Xvirus Personal Guard 5.1.1​
    • Added Xvirus Game Mode setting;
    • Removed Self-Defense;
    • Fixed bug where xvirus was not starting with windows;
    • Fixed bug where behavior blocker stops working;
    • Reduced Ram and Cpu usage;
    • Minor bugs fixed.

Dani Santos

From Xvirus
New Xvirus personal guard 5.3 - download
added web guard(only supports internet explorer);
New installer;
new "quick action" buttons(right click to customize);
new initial scan(improves performance but may take a while);
New xvirus process monitor;
improved cpu usage;
improved restore point creator;
improved right click menu;
fixed restore button on quarantine;
fixed restore settings to default;
fixed logs bug when getting the infected files path.


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Hi Dani Santosand Hi all

Xviorus Personal Guard 5.3.4 is out now.

Any Infos abot it available

With best Regards

Dani Santos

From Xvirus
New Xvirus Personal Guard 5.3.4 - Download
-Added new registry scanner;
-Improved Xvirus updater;
-Improved delete on reboot;
-Fixed quarantine bug;
-Fixed bug where web guard appear as enabled even when disabled;
-Fixed updating bug that would make Xvirus update when there was no update;
-Minor bugs fixed.

Dani Santos

From Xvirus
Xvirus Personal Guard (final version)

- Improved scanning speed
- The label is changed to "Updating..." on Update tab when the DB is being updated.
- Showing full registry keys instead of abbreviations
- Multi-language support: English, Polish, German, Vietnamese, Turkish, Estonian, Indonesian, Portuguese, Italian, Bosnian, Spanish, Slovak, Serbian, Persian
- Xvirus can remove keys which contain subkeys
- You can quarantine registry keys and restore them later
- Quarantine restores files to their original location
- You can show the registry key in regedit
- Fixed bug when scan couldn't be paused
- A standard scan is being done on USB drive, not in a separate window
- Fixed bug with showing "site blocked" alert immediately after starting Internet Explorer
- A new log is created after each scan
- Improved wording in some messageboxes
- You can change the location of text in the lng files for better compatibility with other languages
- Autoscan of USB feature is unavailable now
- Xvirus can automatically detect the system language
- Fixed bug with setting reset after program update
- Fixed bug with excluding registry keys/values
- Initial scan is unchecked in the installer when Xvirus was already installed and you're updating it
- User is asked if items restored from quarantine should be whitelisted
- Fixed bug with detecting temporary files
- Fixed bug with checking registry values
- Now the color of "Install" button is changed when hovering it
- Fixed bug with uninstaller not working on Windows XP
- Fixed bug when the context menu item was impossible to remove on Windows XP
- The square doesn't appear anymore when removing the context menu item
- Fixed a bug when Xvirus couldn't be updated/reinstalled when Xvirus Startup Optimizer was running in background.
- Fixed a bug when the installer was running in background all the time
- Now the threat name is shown in the quarantine
- Fixed a bug when detected files couldn't be excluded
- Fixed a bug when registry keys/values couldn't be restored
- Fixed a bug when Xvirus Personal Guard didn't start automatically (only in Windows XP)
- Fixed a bug with right click scan
- Now right click scan works even if Xvirus isn't running
- Fixed a bug when the program updater was crashing after a successful update
- Fixed a bug with showing messageboxes for each item when restoring from quarantine
- Reduced false positives
- Minor bug fixes and improvements
- Fixed a bug with restoring files
- Fixed a bug when USB scan didn't work when right click scan was disabled
- Fixed temp file detections
- Added folder whitelisting
- Changed the arrangement of tools on Toolbox tab
- Fixed a bug when the heur db could contain only a part of the signatures after program update
- Changed the message shown when trying to click "Back" when a scan is running
- The uninstaller now removes the settings properly on Windows XP
- Right click scan works properly on Windows XP now
- Fixed a bug when the whitelist wasn't saved
- Fixed a bug when empty lines were shown in the whitelist
- The tray and the UI colors are changed depending on the protection status
- When 1-2 shields are disabled, the status is "You're partially protected"
- Fixed a bug when the task manager could show not running processes
- Fixed a bug when some tools could seem frozen when opening them
- Removed File Shredder
- Removed Web Guard
- Removed Cloud check
- Fixed a bug with killing processes

Special thanks to @Kardo Kristal, @yigido, @omidomi, @BoraMurdar, @billy69, @Secondmineboy, @Malware Test, @FireShootSK, @Adhit Prakosho, @Klipsh and @Sr. Normal for their translations!



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Xvirus Personal Guard

- Fixed tray icon
- Fixed a bug with whitelisting reg values
- The button "Cancel scan" is disabled after completing the scan
- Faster cleaning
- Fixed an updating bug
- Updated the Polish translation
- Changed the way how auto-listview-check works

Known issues:
- Not all translations have been completed yet. If you would like to help, PM me

The update is now available in the updater as well.
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