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I downloaded/installed YAC (from www. which is a free and (appears to be) a very comprehensive utility in some respects similar to CCleaner, but better. It DID improve my boot-up time from < 1 minute to 46 seconds - I have NOT encountered new unsolicited e_mail, nor any adverse effects.

Friend just pointed me to the YAC entry in Malware tips a while ago, which defines it as malware - however this is the ONLY entry I can find on the web which condemns it. I also contacted McAfee by phone - whilst they say they do do not endorse ANY third-party software, neither their commercial nor technical support sections say it is malware.

Nevertheless, as suggested I ran Malwarebytes to remove YAC - it didn't.
So, I assume YAC is now NOT malware - am I correct?
(If correct, should the malware tip be updated/deleted)?
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Is this Search Protect by Conduit?

If it is Search Protect by Conduit I prefer not to install it...

Search Protect Conduit, also Search Protect by Conduit, is a program developed by Conduit. LLD, often comes bundled with other software or toolbar like Mixi.DJ toolbar or WhiteSmoke toolbar install, which are often downloaded and installed inadvertently by users. Strictly speaking, Search Protect Conduit is not a virus, nor a malware, but a browser hijacker that may seems to be annoying and unwanted.

Search Protect by Conduit is not malicious related. Like many other potentially unwanted program, it is often distributed via free downloads or cracked software. When you install a free program, "Search Protect by Conduit" may install automatically on your computer without any obvious notification. Once get installed on your computer, Search Protect by Conduit will run in the background to protect you from all threats and block all attempts to manipulate your browser by other browser hijacker except the one it bundled with.


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How and where did "Search Protect by Conduit" come into this question?
As far as I'm aware it has absolutely no relevance to YAC (and, crucially,YAC does not freeze search engines and/or redirect home pages, as with Search Protect, per Microsoft)

I read about YAC, was interested, so downloaded it as recommended, direct from the YAC website - it wasn't bundled with anything. To date, no adverse effects with YAC, despite claims to the contrary by botcrawl and malwaretips.

Malware usually get wide publicity. YAC's adverse publicity seems to be VERY restricted (to just one or two posters), so one wonders whether the criticism/condemnation is actually valid?

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i googled www[dot]yac[dot]mx and you can keep it from what i can tell it highjacks your home page and
thay went to Malwarebytes and Mcafee and asked for them to stop detecting it and it looks like thay
admitted using a downloader

The file can be download from www,yac,mx. This is a software that aims at cleaning and optimizing a pc,
where we used a downloader to track the installation numbers. We make money only from users' donation now.
It is completely free. However it is reported as malware by Malwarebytes as I stated. Please remove the alarm.
Thank you.

the file can be download from www,yac,mx.
We stopped using downloader it seems disliked by antivirus softwares.
However it is reported as malware by mcfee as I stated. Please remove the alarm. Thank you.

anyone who wants to use this i would google it first and read what you find

it is like thay are saying ok i use to install bad things but now we do not so you can trust us now lmao

if you trust them now be my guest not me who is to stop them from going bad again with a update to the program


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