Advice Request Yes, I will visit shady websites and open shady pdf - third party security?

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Apr 14, 2023
Pretty sure you won’t notice any difference with core isolation enabled.
Why can’t you use sandboxed browser?
Things don’t work without compromises.

ForgottenSeer 97327

I am using PDF viewer Plus (from Micorsoft Store), it runs in AppContainer and with Microsoft Defender Exploit Protection (which also works when you use a different AV), you can further restrict this PDF viewer (executable has another name: FlexPdfViewer.exe)

- Block low-integrity images
- Block remote images
- Code Integrity Guard (on, but also allow loading images of Microsoft Store)
- Control Flow Guard
- Data Execution Prevention
- Disable extension points
- Do not allow child processes
- Mandatory ASLR
- Bottom-up ASLR
- (enable) SEHOP
- Validate HEAP integrity
- Validate image dependency integrity

As said, the PDF viewer Plus runs in an APPCOINTAINER integrity rights sandbox, so with above hardening malware has to take a few extra hurdless to escape this strenghtened sandbox.
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