Level 3
By a coincidence while I was browsing the appstore on my ipad looking for the Bitdefender central app, I came across a new app called Yonly (developed by bitdefender)! I’ve never heard of it and I’ve never even seen it on Bitdefender’s official website. It turns out to be a daughter company of Bitdefender, it’s powered by Bitdefender . And it looks interesting!
It has many features, firstly, it uses Bitedefnder DNS “an encrypted DNS filtering domains, monitoring ip and anomalies”. They claim no personal data is collected, debugging logs that are generated by the app are automatically deleted from their servers after 3 days.
Also it has an anti-malware, anti-fraud and anti-tracker protection - all of course is powered by Bitdefender.
It works on the system level; protecting any browser or app.
Currently It’s available for FREE on the appstore and the playstore ; however AFTER jan 15/2021 the security layer won’t remain free and will cost 4$/month.

Check it out on the official website (and share your thoughts):


Level 9
It blocks sites, first block: