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I was curious to know from real people what your favorite linux distro is? With respect to look, performance, stability, &/or any other thing. & If you could tell me about the most beautiful linux distro you've seen so far?

Currently from windows 8.1 I'd to install Windows 7 for some testing purposes, after this I intend to go to linux for sometime before moving towards windows 10, previously had used linux Mint & Elementary OS, I want to try something different this time, any linux with good default look.


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I have not used linux for awhile,but I am still confortable on using any distro for some more than basic tasks. Don't get under the hood on some, `cause that damn thing will break:). But I like using Fedora and Linux Mint (that Cinnamon desktop is great). And under some recent events I am starting to like Tails.
I have much work to do in this machine right now to do a dual boot machine, but in this spring will do so.


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I have a iso of Linux Mint 17.3 Cinnamon,it's very stable and easy to use. It's pretty well ready to right out of the box. I find it pretty close to Windows 7.


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I love Debian, it's stable and has good compatibility. When it comes to DE (Desktop Environment), I like MATE & Cinnamon (XFCE is a good alternative too).


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Puppy Linux is one of my favorite distro because of its concept where any machines including older ones to survive and looks efficient because of the OS inserted.


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I got an old Acer Aspire from a friend and decided to find a lightweight linux that would run fast on the nearly 8 year old computer. After testing a lot of different distros, I fell for Arch Linux because it is fast and I can choose to have a bare minimum of programs installed. Though it is pretty tricky to install and configure.
But if you want a truly stabile and well made distro Debian, Ubuntu and Linux Mint is the way to go.


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How I always liked of do deskmod in my Windows (using Rainmeter, CAD and etc...), was impossible do not like of Elementary OS.

Elementary OS is beautiful, lightness and simple. So, Elementary OS is my choice ;)


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This is my first adventure with Linux, so I sought a distro that was the most like Windows XP. I found and have installed Zorin on three computers now, but haven't had much time to spend learning the system yet. If you'd just like to take a look at it, there are some excellent reviews and tutorials out there. Look for video maker "Graham Linux". (I believe it's based on Ubuntu 14.)


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i love solus ,but on my new hardware it's not stable
so i have installed on my old laptop , i really like it with elementary os
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