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Yeah I don't really trust that many companies with such things. I am happy with Avast and it would be my first choice Free AV. If you have $ I would say Kaspersky. Not to seem racist in ANY way but I have found Quihoo shady based on people talking about their data collection and how everything is collected by the government.


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i still use qihoo.
qihoo has very good malware detection rate.
it also detects many malware on execution.
proactive protection gives users a chance to stop possible malicious activity.

it can be used as second security software along with other security software's.

Qihoo is quite new in this arena and they do make mistakes.


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It still receives spectacular detection & ratings at MalwareTips no matter what they did in independent lab results by turning on & off certain engines. Everyone customizes an antivirus to their interests, so the results will be different for each one of them. I don't call this as an inappropriate behavior.

I've yet to see if the company has used any of it's 500+ million users data in some way or the other. Until then R.I.P to that. We have heard a lot of the same from Google Chrome, but no one bothers because these multi-billion dollar companies doesn't need your money.


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Unethical behaviour in the software world has a greater impact than that of the real world, but also in "What scenario were mistakes made?"

Let's look at IObit with Malwarbytes;

After IObit got caught red-handed stealing signatures from Malwarebytes, their WOT reputation immediately plummeted from Green (Trustworthy) to Red (Unsafe). It's took a few years to gain their reputation back, but even today, some claim IObit to be untrustworthy and unsafe for use.

Verdict: scenario had a negative effect.

Now, let's look at Qihoo with VW (Volkswagen);

When the Volkswagen Emissions scandal was revealed, the affected VW car owners were getting what should have been higher rate of road tax for nothing or in a lower band. Currently, last I heard, UK owners are not required to pay a higher road tax. Win-Win for customers.

Qihoo manipulating results in AV Testing, like Volkswagen, has lesser of a negative impact. Their product is still a good product with partnerships with Microsoft, and bolstered with reputable Bitdefender and Avira virus engines to further boost their protection capabilities. Win-Win for customers.

Verdict: scenario had little or no effect on user base.


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As always, any issues that brought isolated to the flagship products will have no impact.

But yes in such instances, it can influence user decision to use the products.

Remember that integrity also connects to the overall behavior.


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Srsly, I think that I will say for most of average users of AV-soft. I don't follow the twitters (facebooks|instas) of AV-vendors, and I don't receive daily news about them. I just use Qihoo 360 TS for almost three years and I there was not even one virus that affected my system in any noticeable way. There were few threats detected in pirated games, I found them through regular scanning and that's all. So, I will further use Qihoo TS, because it is good enough.


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I could over look the Qihoo AV scandal they got caught and one would hope learn their lesson.
What I can't and will not overlook is there willingness to allow malware, spam ads through for money.
This means their morals are askew and profits are more important to them that your security.
They were caught doing this, now i'm no genios but doing that kind defeats the whole purpose of
having their software. No way in hell I would install that software. But that's just me :)