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For Android users and alike, what are you Top 10 favourite apps?

  1. Most favourite App
  2. App 2
  3. App 3
  4. App 4
  5. App 5
  6. App 6
  7. App 7
  8. App 8
  9. App 9
  10. Less favourite, but still in your Top 10
Optionally add details such as Why it's your favourite? Is it Ad-free, Open-source, Exclusive to your device etc..


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1. Yandex Browser (Pretty fast with feed and Text wrap/reflow, bottom url, battery saver mode, inbulit password saver with fingerprint lock, sync, turbo mode for data saving, so much customization available)
2. Adguard (Arguably the best adblocker)
3. Camscanner (Paid, Easily create multi page PDF with either camera or from gallery)
4. Officesuite pro (Paid, pdf+office suite)
5. My Excitel (for my broadband connection)
6. Google Photos (Unlimited storage plus 'Auto' correction works wonders)
7. Gmail
8. Google Authenticator
9. Google Maps (Best Navigation app period)
10. Google Drive Music (forgot it, oops)
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1. Blokada - goodbye ads for free ;-)
2. F-Droid store - foss software ftw
3. XDA Labs - well just everything what android needs
4. OCReader - rss on my nextcloud
5. MiXplorer - best file explorer imho
6. K-9 mail - open source mail
7. Kiwi Browser
8. Better Battery Stats
9. Telegram
10. WhatsApp

Eddie Morra

1. Samsung Health -> I recon this one is exclusive to Samsung phones because of hardware-assisted features?
2. An app for transport time (e.g. train, bus...)
3. Google Chrome
4. Skype
5. Discord
6. Microsoft Teams
7. Outlook
8. Zoho Mail
9. Netflix
10. YT Music

Samsung Health is one of my favourites because it simplifies a lot for checking heart rate, oxygen oxidation (?), stress levels, etc. You might not believe in it, but I can vouch for it for its accuracy... I've done manual tests many times with proper equipment and it matched to Samsung Health. It works by using a scanner on the back of the phone to take your heart rate (for example). I only learnt about this ability on the S8 a few weeks ago after having it for 10 months. That being said, it is really convenient when you're going running as well because the location tracking can determine how far you're actually running and it can even setup a timer system to alert you when you reach your goal (e.g. 2.4km, 5km, ...).

Eddie Morra

'Stress level' really? I mean how? Does it correlate with heartbeat? To be honest I would get more stressed if I knew I was getting stressed. It's a vicious cycle :p
I have no idea how it works but I can vouch for the stress level being accurate to me. I feel the same level of stress as I am being told on the Samsung Health app, and I know it isn't a pseudo-effect.

I can't see how else it would work unless it evolved around heart-beat rhythm monitoring though. It would be logical to me if it did work this way.


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1. Clash Royale (lol - a game I've been playing almost each day for the past 2 years, I guess I have no choice to put it as #1)
2. Bitwarden Password Manager
3. Brave Browser: Fast AdBlocker
4. YNAB - Budget, Personal Finance
5. Plex
6. Hercules (Workout Tracker & Gym Trainer - Fitness Log Book)
7. Transit - Real-Time Transport
8. AdGuard
9. Tapet
10. Calendar Widget by Home Agenda

I also like some Google products, especially Maps, Pay & Android Auto.

Honorable mention to the following:
- AccuWeather Platinum
- BaconReader for Reddit
- Deliveries Package Tracker
- Feedly - Smarter News Reader
- Fuelio: Fuel log & costs
- InboxIt - Share to mail
- nzb360
- Stocard - Loyalty Card Wallet

Deleted member 178

1- Nova launcher
2- Orbot
3- adguard
4- bitwarden
5- Google translate
6- Google Map
7- youtube
8- viber
9- myfitnesspal / underarmor
10- poweramp
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