YouTube-dl removed from GitHub after RIAA DMCA notice


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Mar 16, 2019
Did not see your post before I posted for some reason :unsure:
I created a new thread for this before you posted your comment here which required a review from a moderator. But the moderator decided not to create a new thread and post that here instead. So the original timestamp of my post remained so now it appears before yours.
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Dec 6, 2017
Yes, I'm making lots of assumptions /s
This was taken from the project page,

There would be no logic whasoever to call it youtube-dl if the project wasn't focused on Youtube.
I was referring to your uncalled assumptions against me in this.
Is clear you haven't uploaded content to services like Youtube, would love to know how you felt if someone stole your work and used it as his own (this is one of the reasons Open Source will never be a thing, to many leeches taking credit for others work).

You have no idea about this can of worm called DMCA. So, for starter please give this one a read.

There are many more cases if you're willing to dig. DMCA is not what you think it's meant to be.