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High-profile YouTubers have been targeted by cybercriminals over the weekend in what appears to have been a highly coordinated and "massive" attack. The security warning was made by Catalin Cimpanu, a ZDNet reporter, who spoke to a member of an internet forum with a history of trading access to hacked accounts. Here's what we know so far and what you need to do to protect your own YouTube account.
Which YouTube accounts have been hacked?
According to the ZDNet investigation, many accounts belonging to well-known YouTubers within the car community have been hijacked. However, it would appear the attack itself has been directed mostly towards "influencers" across many YouTube channel genres. Amongst those taking to Twitter to complain about their YouTube accounts being hacked and access to their channels lost, were YouTubers covering technology, music, gaming and Disney. With more than 23 million YouTube channels, anyone who creates content should be heeding this warning though.
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