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Dec 9, 2016
I always remember a forum where they were asking what would you tell people in the 1960s about the future that they would never believe. One person put; that today I can hold in the palm of my hand a device (iphone etc) so powerful that allows me to access the entirety of human knowledge (internet), and I use it the majority of the time to watch Cat videoso_O

Cats, ... never has a psychopathic killer, wrapped up in a furry ball of fun, been so lovable
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Jan 9, 2017
When u r totally pissed off it's good to learn how best female death-metal vocalist ever teach some growl! Then listen some brutal-death metal!

She's pretty cute isn't it so?
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Jan 9, 2017
CMX - Ruoste (with lyrics)

Look how slowly
everything is happening
but the years are short
and when the moon and the sun are together on the sky
I will gather everything out on the yard and burn

books and papers
maybe also
furniture and memories
all the lies that will come on the way of life
all that good that prevents us from seeing
it is rust

smoke is licking up the ruins
oh you know what it feels like
to warm up your hands
in the ashes of burned homes

look how slowly
it is raining again
the dust on the years
maybe also these hands of a murderer are looking for a head
to pet and to feel the weight of the world
it is rust


Level 10
Jan 9, 2017
DYING FETUS -"Wrong One to ##### With" (Official Audio)

I am the dying apparition
End of your display, too late for regret
Final moments in slow motion
Your foolish choice, trying to amuse
Choking down, blood, air, and mucus
Feel the cost of miscalculation
Boasting and bragging, all but past
Enduring the price, curiosity's last

Wanting to astonish so everyone can see
Attack unworthy foes, no not like me
Petrified pride, the sad fool's terror
Blind-sided and broken, soak in the ignorant failure

Living to intimidate, tormenting the ones you can
Rolling the dice is your fate, unlucky or doomed or dumb
Never wanted to gamble, thought the strength was assured
Then there's an immovable object, your power an unstoppable force

Bitten off more than you could chew
Trying to impress with your primacy
Can't match a level that intense
Shocked to see the outcome unfold
Pushing forward with weakness
Compared to hardened past a joke
Ran into this ruthless mother #####er
Last time being wrong

Stalking the weak, making the rules
You just realized, I'm the wrong one to ##### with
Pushing my buttons, daring a response
Clear regret, the wrong one to ##### with
Pain creeping in, blurred mortal wound
Grasp of horror, the wrong one to ##### with
Can't change your mind, too late this time
Your life is spent, I was the wrong one to ##### with

Thinking the outcome can be in doubt
First and last mistake, beat the arrogance out of him

Don't fear the pain inflicted, warming up idle hands
Knowing the worst is later, solace for the moment
Wrapped in the shame of cowardice, no end is undeserved
Time for atonements' past, exposed, frail fool, that's you

Thinking the outcome can be in doubt
First and last mistake, beat the arrogance out of him

No coins for Charon, unable to cross over worlds
Dumped out in the river, found unworthy to pass now
Cannot hide from past shame, experience what you have earned
Take pride in suffering, paying homage to the dead
No ego present, instead accepting to believe
Fate of the damned, no doubt is your destiny

Motörhead - 1916

Viikate - Teuvo, maanteiden kuningas | English lyrics


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