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    @dragongate888 Usually in this field researchers agree on a fixed time before disclose a vulnerability, I found that many months ago public available from public sources, is not a question of courage, as everyone can research Common Vulnerabilities and Exploits, more, who work into this field as a professional, already have more informations than normal users like me.

    So if this has not been discussed before, but I remember Slyguy already showing something that they tried to hide, leave me with the doubt that or people don't know, or people trust companies like gold, both of them are bad ways, as I don't trust anyone, I need to try myself if what they say is real or not.


    The only thing I am disappointed, is trying spread the current product without being update, or make a statement about its actual security, I don't have any problems with Zemana, I loved their team and products when was Zemana.
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    That doesn't surprise me at all and it shows how far ZAL has fallen. Not that long ago many people here spoke about ZAM and ZAL as clearly better than MBAM and I thought the same and if you look at various reviews up against MBAM up until about a year ago ZAM/ZAL win nearly every time.

    I actually started a thread about ZAL being abandoned a while ago (link below) and @Overkill contacted them to try and find out why and you can see the nonsense they came back with in his post, that virus definitions are still updated but because the program itself is quite stable now it doesn't need updating. So the only reason you update a product is to make it more stable. What a load of rubbish:
    Zemana AntiLogger - no new version since August 2017

    I have a lifetime license for ZAL Premium but I never use it now because I think it's more of a liability than an asset as your experience showed.
    Yeah I have a lifetime licence for ZAL Premium but uninstalled ZAL.
    I don't know if it was conflicting with Panda Dome or something but it was slowing down my computer and I was having trouble with Edge browser which now has gone.
    Really disapointing.
    I used to just use ZAL and Windows defender as a light weight defence, with no problems and feel safe, but it stopped being enough sadly.

    I still love you ZAL... but I can't be with you any more until you get your act back together :(
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    Zemana says they will regain user trust by near the end of the 2018. We can just wait and see. :giggle:
    Hi , where did you see their reply ?
    can you provide the link ? i would like to take a look ~ :)

    Thanks :)

    BTW ... i never see any Zemana's official employee try to reply or explain their product's issue on any forum ,
    in terms of customer interaction, it is disappointing.
    (Zemana keep post some employee's celebrate photo on Instagram , but be honestly , it won't make customer felling better ...)
    (No idea what are they thinking ....)


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    Thank you, friend. Thank you very much. Zemana is a very good software that I recommend entirely, a pity that it is only for one year only. Still, I love and thank the person who gives this license key.