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Anti-malware is designed to scan, clean and protect your PC. Enhance your protection with AntiMalware Premium features: Realtime protection, bootkit and rootkit remediator, browser cleanup and ransonware protection.

Designed to be used in conjunction with (not replacing) antivirus software

You need an Ausologic's product key to get this trial, but Giveaway Radar have a link 'Get your premium key' to one you can use in their entry for this giveaway on their page Your Guide to Software Freebies! if you dont have one.


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The offer has now expired

You will very soon see ZAL giveaway somewhere, ZAL and ZAM giveaways are nearly always on these days. They are trying to make their software popular using this way.
I must admit giveaways do work (at least on me). I try something out for a year,by then I've got used to it so I buy a subscription, or upgrade to the next version. Works on me, I get hooked and then they reel me in. I do like to try before I buy.
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Giving out free samples is a good way of promoting a product, it gets a lot of publicity without much expenditure. Also, it makes some people getting used to that product and in the end they actually buy that product.