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You'll have to bear with me because I'm a relative "newbie." Can anyone say which engines Zemana AntiMalware Premium uses? Their website states, in part, "Zemana AntiMalware adds additional layers of security. With it's real time protection, for fast and efficent scanning, it makes sure that you are protected..."

I'm sure it is, but I've got to ask, has the realtime protection component of it been tested?

Thank you.
i remember when i was beta testing for it, that there was several (i can't remember, i'll guess 7 including their own). one of the bugs i noticed was with the eset engine. you could deselect all the other engines and only leave the eset one. when i scanned with it my system was clean. but when i scanned with the eset online, i had a detection. i reported this bug. after an update or so to the beta, the list of engines was removed. i may have been easier to fix the bug that way.


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What's resource usage like with others? For me total RAM for both processes starts off around 45MB and this can rise to nearly 90MB by the end of the day. CPU seems fairly light.

PS - Technically I'm using Watchdog AntiMalware but despite the misinformation/lack of openness/locking of threads with no explanation regarding the product I think we can reasonably assume it's simply a ZAM rebrand.

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Yes, the real time is tested. And it's doing great according to some.
As for the engines, Zemana uses several AVs for its on-demand scanner. But it uses its own engine for its real-time scanner.
Zemana doesn't use other engines for realtime?
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