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Im interested in trying this out, whats the difference b/w the two.

Does any one of this products have features of both?

I am looking to mainly run it alongside an internet security suite like Norton, Kaspersk.

If i can, are there any conflicts.

or would it be best to keep it as on demand?



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ZAK is not fully compatible with Kaspersky. There are various keystroke related issues.
Same goes for HitmanPro.Alert, you've to decide for one software (SurfRight or Zemana) to protect your keystrokes (and to be able to even type).


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There is no Zemana Antikeylogger. It's Zemana Antilogger.

Right now, if you have to pair ZAL with Kaspersky, expect a conflict between the two programs. You're better off with ZAM, if that's the case. Zemana team already knew the problem with ZAL and Kaspersky. I'm not sure, though, why it takes so long for them to fix a bug that caused this conflict to occur. The bug is: even if you turned off ID Theft Protection, it would "turn on" after a few minutes/hours, although it states that it is off.


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Better use Kaspersky's features since it contains Virtual Keyboard and related protection.

ZAL incorporates HIPS feature based where Kaspersky also implemented it; meanwhile Zemana AM is a scanner that you can use for second opinion basis.