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Jan 27, 2017
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Dear Zemana,

About 1 year ago, I had my ZAL Lifetime key expired or no longer valid during a reinstall, Just yesterday I noticed that my ZMA for android was expired or the key is no longer valid, not sure if its an update on phone or something I or whoever used my phone did.... Keys I used was ZMA-GIVEAWAYME for my phone which was said to have 380 days of protection, its about 4 months and key is no longer valid on my phone, ZMA is one of those set it and leave it type of apps for me, glad I checked cause RealTime Protection is off for unknown amount of time.
I love that Zemana always gives out free codes for their products, but none of them seems to stay active for me.

Too Long, Didn't want to complain..... I lied, I am complaining or venting......

Zemana hates me...... and I am starting to advocate against Zemana, good thing is Most of my headaches with Zemana software is documented on MT.

Side Joke : I will always love you @frogboy even tho, you are the one who told me to give ZAL and ZMA another chance and offered the code to me. lol, Zemana just hates me, another email to them ended up Zemana giving me a link for 50% of their license...... Thank you for that awesome discount!

TL;DR - Zemana License for PC and Android license issues and I am just salty today!
Zemana is garbage IMO. Also, if you want have fun roll over to the Zemana forum here and see how I was able to find all of their distributed cloud evaluation computers. Including the ability to connect with them if I wanted. I notified them of this seemingly considerable security risk and was basically ignored.

In a nutshell, I created a free screenconnect account, then put that EXE on a machine with Zemana installed and waited. After a bit Zemana sent that EXE around the world and executed it on those systems. Once executed, it of course connects to my screen connect session and shows intimate details of the system INCLUDING WAN IP Address and allows connectivity to that system. Wow, talk about security holes right?

Insight into Zemana's strange cloud scanning..

Basically, I think Zemana uses VT and others but 'disguises' themselves as individuals by distributing their scans over random PC's and VM's in a variety of countries. The names of these systems aren't professional at all, names like 'Bunghole' or 'Loser1', etc. I wouldn't trust them.
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Nov 17, 2016
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@Slyguy what an amazing finding! quite an interesting read. Zemana for pc has been uninstalled quite a long time and opt for EIS, ZMA for phone was just due to my laziness as I saw that there was a giveaway key and doesn't contain other security stuff I don't use like Locating ohone, etc etc....

I stand by what I have said on my Profile!
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