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An alarming trend seems to be showing up in a lot of security suites. Detection of zero-day threats is at an all time low. A zero-day threat is a piece of malware that is new enough that it has not yet been detected by an anti-malware company and thus they do not have a signature for it. Several high profile antivirus and anti-malware suites have failed this portion of testing ever since it was implemented in the Malware Geek standard test in September. The group includes Symantec's Norton Internet Security, McAfee Internet Security, avast! Antivirus, Avira Antivirus, Sunbelt's Vipre Internet Security, Dr. Web Security Space Pro, and Webroot SecureAnywhere. What is up? All of these well known and well respected security suites are lagging behind the times and are falling victim to unknown, silent malware. You would think that these well known companies would surely have some sort protection for those threats that they do not have a signature for. However, it is exactly the opposite. Are they just waiting for a bigger and more destructive piece of malware to come along before they do something about it? With hundreds of new pieces of malware released on a daily basis, you CANNOT rely solely upon signatures to catch everything.



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Relying on signatures is a 2005 tactic we all know that, Since then we have access the following and many various security suites and free antiviruses include atleast a few of the features below.

  • Sandboxie (Or Virtualization in general)
  • Behavior Blockers
  • HIPS
  • Cloud / Reputation
  • Various Web Shields / Toolbars / Modules
  • Dedicated DNS for blocking malicious domains
  • Application Blacklisting
  • Advanced Configurable Firewalls
  • SmartScreen



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Why are you getting your information from Malware Geek?
Because he one of the best people on YouTube for AV videos.


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i have been interested here...

My personal opinion if u want to protect your self against 0-day threats and even normal ones...Any AV wont be perfect.

so have multi-layered protection...use something along side your AV

something like MBAM pro or comodo D+

so a AV + MBAM Pro or comodo D+ will give 100% protection against 0-day and all kinds of malwares :rolleyes:

so this is my testimonial...i disagree with malware geek guys.



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Nothing can guarantee 100% Protection against zero day threats or every and any type of threat no matter how many security solutions are installed.

It will lower the risk of course but will not make your system invincible. :rolleyes:

You can put as many life boats as you want on a cruise liner, But those life boats aren't going to stop the cruise liner it self from sinking.

Thanks. :)