Advanced Plus Security ZeroOne's Laptop Configuration 2024

Last updated
Apr 1, 2024
How it's used?
For home and private use
Operating system
Windows 11
On-device encryption
Log-in security
    • Biometrics (Windows Hello PIN, TouchID, Face, Iris, Fingerprint)
Security updates
Allow security updates and latest features
Update channels
Allow stable updates only
User Access Control
Always notify
Smart App Control
Network firewall
Real-time security
ESET Internet Security
Firewall security
Other - Internet Security (3rd-party)
About custom security
ESET Internet Security
Periodic malware scanners
  1. Malwarebytes AntiMalware
  2. Norton Power Eraser
  3. Windows Defender
Malware sample testing
I do not participate in malware testing
Environment for malware testing
Browser(s) and extensions
  • SponsorBlock for Youtube
  • Firefox Translations
  • Bitwarden
  • ESET Browser Privacy and Security
  • Adguard Browser Assistant
  • Adguard Browser Assistant
  • Dark Reader
  • Bitwarden
  • ESET Browser Privacy and Security
Secure DNS
  • Adguard Home (Self Hosted)
Desktop VPN
  • Cloudflare Warp
  • Proton VPN
Password manager
  • Vault warden (Bitwarden Compatible - Self Hosted)
File and Photo backup
  • OneDrive (Backup of All User Directories except Downloads)
  • Manual backup to FTP Drive and External HardDrive
    • None
System recovery
  • Files Already Copied on External Drive and FTP.
  • System/OS Image on CloneZilla for quick restoration
Risk factors
    • Browsing to popular websites
    • Making audio/video calls
    • Opening email attachments
    • Buying from online stores, entering banks card details
    • Logging into my bank account
    • Downloading software and files from reputable sites
    • Requesting and accepting remote access
    • Gaming
    • Coding and development
Computer specs
  • Dell Inspiron 15 - 7559
  • Core i7 6700HQ
  • Samsung 850 Evo 240GB SSD
  • Toshiba 500 GB Harddisk
  • Nvidia GTX 960M 4GB
  • 16 GB DDR3L Ram
What I'm looking for?

Looking for maximum feedback.


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Thread author
Mar 8, 2018
Additional Info:
2 User accounts (Admin and Standard) - Standard is used for Day to Day Tasks.
No Drive Encryption because Laptop is old, and I rarely take it out of home, Plus there isn't any sensitive info saved.

Additional Installed Software:
- Adguard Home
- OnlyOffice

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