New Update ZoneAlarm Extreme Security NextGen Release Notes


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Feb 7, 2023


  • 4.0.148​

    • Anti-Bot: New feature added that stops Bot attacks


  • 3.6.313​

    • Updated Security Engines
    • Support for Windows 11 22H2
    • Other bug fixes and enhancements to upgrades flow
  • 3.5.89​

    • New Anti-Key Logger feature
    • Web Secure - Added switch to add or remove the extension
    • Improved stability and modifications to the user interface
  • 3.4.34​

    • Updated AV engine
    • Bug fixes and hardening security
  • 3.3.423​

    • Hardened Self-protection driver
    • Bug fixes
  • 3.3.411​

    • Update security engine version to E86.25
    • Support of Windows 11
    • Threat Emulation support for all new files created
    • Bug fixes and stability improvement
    • Main Panel visual changes
  • 3.2.122​

    • Added ability to manage Firewall Zone Rules
    • Added ability to view blocked traffic by Firewall
    • Bug fixes and stability improvement
  • 3.1.267​

    • New: A “right click” option to show scan status when selecting ‘Scan with ZoneAlarm’
    • Fixed: Bug fixes for installation and stability improvements
  • 3.1.221 First version​

    A new ZoneAlarm version – Extreme Security NextGen which includes:
    • Advanced AV Protection
    • Award-winning Anti-Ransomware
    • Best in class Firewall
    • Automatic Seamless Updates
    • Anti-Phishing for known and unknown phishing attacks for Chrome, Edge, and Firefox
    • File download protection (Incl. sandboxing) for Chrome, Edge, and Firefox
    • URL reputation check
    • Web Content Filtering


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Feb 7, 2023


  • 4.2.510​

    • Updated version of Security Engine
    • Improved compatibility with third-party VPN providers
    • Bug fixes and Improvements.
    • Fix for CVE-2023-28134: ZoneAlarm Extreme Security versions before 4.2.180 allow local attackers to escalate privileges on affected installations.
  • 4.2.180​

    • Added Firewall Application Control
    • Added Advance Threat Emulation
    • New Event Timeline notifications
    • Firefox support removed for Anti-Key Logger
    • Updated security engines
    • Bug fixes and improved security


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Apr 16, 2017
Can anyone who's used this software give me their opinions on it please? How does it compare to Kaspersky and Bitdefender for example?
I used it but not enough to have a solid opinion, although it seemed solid and ok. It is related to Checkpoint (Harmony) and when I installed Harmony I deleted the vm with ZoneAlarm.

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