0 Day Protection For Android?


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If you never install new apps, what risks do you face?
Please pardon the stupid question, but I don't even own a smartphone, so I guess my ignorance is forgivable...
No problem mate and yeah that is why it'd be useful. If I don't add new stuff hardly ever than what I already have, then locking it down would be convenient as long as the security didn't affect noticeable performance badly


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Jul 28, 2017
Rooting your Android device is one of the best ways to drop your security.

I disagree. Apps like xprivacy reduce the risk of any malicious apps using root. Also, root allows me to use a firewall, which will add security.

While it is debatable if rooting a phone can reduce or improve security, I would love to get rid of bloatware. I'm moving further away from Goolag, Samsung, and Microsoft. Getting rid of their software is definitely on the list.

Thanks for the recommendation nonetheless.
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Jan 16, 2017


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Mar 31, 2018
IntelliAV is among the top :


The latest version of LineageOS with PrivacyGuard enabled and the latest security updates should suffice. Google Playstore comes with Google Play Protect preinstalled which is Google's antivirus that scans your phone and new apps regularly. I also like the concept behind IntelliAV.

Intelligent Anti-Virus - Android Apps on Google Play

I also like Norton Halt. It allows you to check if you are protected against the latest vulnerabilities.

Norton Halt exploit defender - Android Apps on Google Play

I have yet to hear of a new and updated OS being hit by malware.
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have you tried the noroot data firewall? seems pretty good.

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