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The dozens of flaws across 29 Android smartphone makers show just how insecure the devices can be, even brand-new.

When you buy an Android smartphone, it’s rarely pure Android. Manufacturers squeeze in their own apps or give it a fresh coat of interface. Carriers do it too. The resulting stew of preinstalled software and vanilla Android sometimes turns out to be rancid, putting flaws and vulnerabilities on the phone before you even take it out of the box. For proof of how bad it is, look no further than the 146 vulnerabilities—across 29 Android smartphone makers—that have just been simultaneously revealed.


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IMO it's worth the time and effort check on all permissions and try minimize them as much as possible without brick the OS
A guide for you and anyone interested in doing so:
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Source: Kryptowire Provides Details on Android Firmware Vulnerabilities - November 2019 - Kryptowire

From the list I would say the overwhelming majority of these phones are not even available in the US so at least the Americans here can breathe a sigh of relief. Most of the apps are also Chinese and a lot of them are running Android 8 or below. Again, brain.exe, common sense and not buying Chinese spyware phones and you are good to go. I keep on saying this and I am met with naysayers here. The US intelligence community didn't lie about the amount of Chinese spyware on Chinese phones. Just stick to US branded phones that get regular security updates if security matters to you.
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If people wanted privacy, they won't use any Android phones or even a smartphone , im amused by all those privacy guides made by privacy freaks who don't even get the basics of privacy.

About all those Chinese spying, it amused me too, when spying there is no clean countries, some just hide their tracks better or don't even need to hide.

Big Brother was not invented by Chinese...
NSA isn't Chinese...
Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple isn't Chinese...
Don't you think those giants aren't in bed with intelligence agencies... If no, you must be very naive...

I wonder how people can believe because they live In a self-called democracy, they aren't subject to mass surveillance.
"Democracy" isn't about what a government can do, it is about what a citizen is allowed to do.
Governments dictate the rules, they don't follow them.

Wake up.

ForgottenSeer 823865

The countries aren't equally non-clean though.
It doesn't matter, which is more clean or not, dirty is dirty, period.
At least, China never claimed themselves to be the champion of democracy caring and respecting their citizens freedom and some does while violating them at every turn or waging war on foreign lands pretending liberating them just to access their resources or gain geostrategic position...
China isn't perfect, far from it, but at least we see them coming and know how is their society model.

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It doesn't matter, which is more clean or not, dirty is dirty, period.
Dirty's dirty only when you move the goalposts far enough. 1 equals 0 at very large numbers.
Especially at the government-level where they don't represent the country's population but rather a tail end of something. A slight deviation of the population's traits have significant in the tail ends meaning you'd have to move the dirty-clean divide pretty far to get the dirty's dirty.

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Regardless whether people like them. Do any preinstall store app have any known vulnerability?
By principles, all apps have potential vulnerabilities depending of the skills of the developer. Just assume no apps are bullet-proof.
latest builds of Android gives you more control over apps permissions, assuming they aren't backdoors, allow or deny such permissions based on what the apps is supposed to do.
for example, it is obvious that a media player shouldn't access your contact list or location.


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I used to be very cautious when I was running an Android phone. One reason I swapped to Apple. Something simple, and less of a headache to look after as well.
Sounds like some computer manufactures.