Crypto Opinions & News $25M+ in crypto stolen from LastPass 'Secure Notes'

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Mar 17, 2023


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Oct 23, 2014
To each their own. But from what I understood, the problem with Lastpass is that it was a bad cloud-based password manager, not merely that it used the cloud.

How does a user knows when a cloud password manager is good or not, that is an important question.
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Jan 8, 2011
Sorry, but could it be that the title is wrong?

I mean, "LastPass $25M+ stolen from 'Secure Notes'" is more than 100% likely to happen, but the article doesn't mention LastPass.
It's correct. The original article mentions the same Twitter account, before they knew it was related to LastPass' latest data breach.

See the updated tweet.
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Apr 24, 2016
LastPass breach linked to theft of $4.4 million in crypto
Hackers have stolen $4.4 million in cryptocurrency on October 25th using private keys and passphrases stored in stolen LastPass databases, according to research by crypto fraud researchers who have been researching similar incidents.

The news comes from ZachXBT and MetaMask developer Taylor Monahan, who have been tracking these crypto thefts.

"We regularly have people reach out via DM who have had their crypto assets stolen. We also approach victims we discover on-chain," ZachXBT told BleepingComputer.

"We ask potential LastPass victims multiple questions and typically have found one commonality between them all being LastPass."

According to a tweet by ZachXBT on X, the threat actors stole $4.4 million from 25+ victims due to a LastPass breach in 2022.
"The number of victims who only had the specific group of seeds/keys that were drained stored in LastPass is simply too much to ignore."

It is becoming increasingly clear that the threat actors behind the LastPass attack have successfully cracked the passwords for vaults and are using the stolen information to fuel their own attacks.

Therefore, if you are a LastPass user who had an account during the August and December 2022 breaches, it is strongly suggested that you reset all of your passwords, including your master password.

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