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IS isnt discontinued yet.

"Dear ,

Thank you for your support to 360safe.

The retirement plan is still under internal discussion. The only thing for sure is that there will be 3~6 month notice on our website.

So again, thank you and please feel free to contact us anytime you have any question or suggestion about our product.

Kind regards,


Qihoo 360 Support Team



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Good for you! Its really a great AV for someone wanting protection without the heavy Ram usage. The Bonus is its free.:)
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and I un-installed IS 5 beta cause its FP's. I reported some FP detections to them 2 month ago still waiting to fix.
Finally today it block my VLC 2.1.5 installer from I got rid of :mad:
thats the diseases of high detection AV's, false positive. the problem with it that every detection is trojan, hack tools password tools, you can never tell what the threat is. MSE will tell you exactly what kind of threat it is and when is worn you have correct info on the file. regardless to the detection it has alot of avantage