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30 to 39 years
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So long I can't even remember
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Mozilla Firefox
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Windows 10
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Comodo IS
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TES III: Morrowind

Predrag Radjenovic

Level 2
Hello everyone,

Just wanted to say hi and introduce. Although my field of work goes around marketing and design, I am since long interested in IT Security. I regularly follow MT and Wilders forums, although more as a lurker.

Since a company I work for recently had a close encounter with Locky ransomware, I decided to take a more active/closer look at different means of securing endpoints, workstations and desktops - hence my signing up here.

Hope to learn a lot from everyone here.

Best Regards,

Predrag Radjenovic

Level 2
Hey all,

really didn't expect all this welcome, thank you.

Welcome to the family, Predrag. I have no doubt you will learn a great deal in your time here. ;)

Edit: TES: Morrowind is great!! Probably my top 3.
Mine too. I still remember almost every quest, and the exact steps I would take when starting from the beginning. It's also wifes favorite game as well. :D

Welcome to MT. Dobrodošao Predraže! :)
Thank you very much. Bolje Vas našao! :)

Hello Predrag Radjenovic, and welcome! Your "small introduction" has large meaning contained with your interests in IT Security and also your inspiration which was sparked by your employer's close call. We're glad your company's attacks:confused: were mitigated!;)
We are also glad you shall continue lurking here, but now as a member together with us!:D
Thank you for your kind words. As for my company, don't get me started on them. It was pure luck that we got away with only our NAS storage locked down, considering that IT policy was an equivalent of getting-out-naked-in-the-street-hoping-nobody-will-pwn-our-backside. To put it mildly... :mad::mad::mad: Luckily, it gets better now...
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