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    Ad-Aware Web Companion PRO – Premium Web Security & Privacy Protection

    Anti-Phishing Protection

    We block websites trying to steal your personal information by impersonating sites you know and trust. Web Companion keeps your passwords, credit card and all other personal information safe from hackers.

    Real-Time Web Protection

    We block the latest viruses before most antivirus companies’ labs have had a chance to detect, analyze and publish a fix – making Ad-Aware Web Companion a precious complement of your overall security.

    Multi Browser Compatible

    Ad-Aware Web Companion’s technology behaves like a gate (proxy); making us compatible with all browsers right out of the gate. Rest assured that no personal information is ever tracked nor is your browsing history ever logged.

    Fastest & Lightest Web Protection

    Minimal impact on your computer performance. Only works where necessary. It’s so light you won’t even notice it.

    A little app that makes the web alot better

    With Ad-Aware Web Companion, staying protected doesn’t come at the expense of your system’s performance. We’ve engineered a program that uses so little of your PC’s power that you will never notice it’s there. Freeing your computer’s performance and memory to do the things you want to do!


    The download link for Ad-Aware Web Companion PRO is given to you above. Download and install Ad-Aware Web Companion PRO and enjoy — there is no need to register it, as it registers itself automatically. Enjoy!


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    Content Creator
    I want to know if this 2.3 version is the same version they were giving away last year or if it is a new version. It is possible if I downloaded this it would be identical to what I already have.


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    My Maxthon browser was not letting me get there. This may be a hangover from when Web Companion had some code from a raunchy outfit, Komodia. When that went public in early 2015, they quickly updated to get rid of it.

    Andra Zaharia

    From Heimdal
    When I try to enter Ad-Aware Web Companion home, Heimdal Security is blocking the page. That's weird.
    Hi Sorin,

    Thanks for letting us know. Let me check with the team and see why we're blocking the page (it may have been infected at some point, which is why it's blocked in our database). I'll get back to you soon.

    Later edit: I checked with my colleagues. The website is clean (it was a false positive) and we've unblocked it in our database. You should see the change in 48h at most.
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