Which AD Blocker do you use.

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Adguard (desktop version) is decent enough since if the browser is not on the existing list, you can simply add to it.

I have tried uBlock Origin several times and well, page rendering can be an issue. So I always use Adguard Extension when I need an adblock extension (not on my system)

Granted now I use adblock list that is provided by default in qutebrowser so I didnt add qutebrowser to Adguard.


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Yes, I use AdGuard too, sometimes. But script blockers above all.
But in my precedent post I spoke about .gif blocking problems, and elementor shady overlay on Poper Blocker extension Welcome page...:)


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Why all 3 pages of this thread are blocked by "7 Times Faster" adblock extension, please?
"malwaretips.com is blocked
Requests to the server have been blocked by an extension.


- yes by me, with 7 Times Faster ...


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I use the adguard desktop version on my mainpc. From my personal experience the desktop version got rid of annoying popup and redirects i couldn't get rid of with the browser version. (Some online streaming sites are very creative with lots of redirects and so on :D Same filters and settings used). So for me it's adguard desktop >> adguard browser extension. Your experience my be different :D


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Recently, I use:
Try this:Domain Whitelist
Next generation extension! I love it! found it after searching a lot:D
install it then open youtube or any famous website and you will see the strange addresses that you not gonna allow them to inject themselves into your browser:/
P.s it can block everything before they reach your browser! adblocker or other similar extensions will block bad things when they already reached your browser!


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Domain Whitelist added here, so Thank You!

After some use I will get my impressions...

Hey Sunshine-boy, Very good this Domain Whitelist extension, works and works more ah!..

- if my website is blocked, click to corresponding address in the icons pop_up - now it's allowed, that's all - and all the other bad things are BLOCKED. My will supervise here.
"No more requests were allowed." - so no more work for me, so easy.

PS. I would like to do the new topic (on other things...) but I'm too busy with these downloads, look at the topic about artificial intelligence, soon...!
- now. I posted about two new extensions, Post #7: The First Artificial Intelligence Chrome Extension
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Ah OK, I don't downloaded this one, this is working like domain blacklist then, manually... this same developer Peta Sittek, yes.
But I remove this Domain Whitelist, cause I have too many similar extensions - ContentBlockHelper, ScriptSafe and Zenmate Web Firewall are sufficient for me.. and Policy Control, and Content-aware Ad Blocker...


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built in opera adblocker + script adbypasser tempermonkey ( bypass ad site like adf.ly, sh.st, etc. )


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Auto Overlay Remover: Auto Overlay Remover
offered by removeoverlay
Version: 1.0.7
Updated: May 7, 2017
Size: 97.24KiB
Automatic remove overlays
This lightweight extension automatically close overlay popup without the need to press on any button.

"You have probably encountered in web sites you visit, the frustrating overlay which masks the page content with a transparent or semitransparent background and above it a registration form, sign up for newsletter, advertising of products, a survey and etc.

Overlays are the next generation after the standard popup window, which has almost gone from our web world. Overlays are much trickier and can appear in a variety of ways like: on website on load even before you can see any content, after a delay, when you move your mouse, click on something or even more creative ways.

This extension is lightweight and will close for you most of the overlays without doing anything. There is no need to click or press anything for almost any overlay. You can add specific web sites to a white list, use different timing or more aggressive overlay cleaning.

The permission to read / write needed for saving the white list.
I hope that my extension will succeed to make your web surfing less frustrating and more pleasant...."

- I've found this little extension very interesting, have it...


On Firefox, have "Behind The Overlay Revival", and on Nightly (Basilick): Behind The Overlay(Moon Edition)...
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On each of my browsers, I've an must-have extension/addon overlay remover - look above, on the post #55.

It's indispensable I think, to defend from malwares that use overlay popup - look on this MT topic: Malware Alert - AUTOIT SCRIPTING USED BY OVERLAY MALWARE TO BYPASS AV DETECTION

On threatpost.com we read:
“The malware’s operator remotely initiates a fraudulent transaction from the victim’s endpoint and may prompt the user to provide additional details by using the fake overlay screen,” researchers said.
X-Force researchers said Brazil has become a hotbed for financial malware and that recent uses of overlay malware highlights a trend of more sophisticated malicious code used in the region.
“In the past year, we have observed the rise of malware, such as Client Maximus and similar codes, that uses remote access with overlay screens for bank fraud operations in Brazil. Recently, we detected a remote access Trojan (RAT) malware that uses the same overall technique, but with an added twist to its antivirus evasion method,” according to X-Force.
The RAT does not have a name and its code is written in Delphi, a programming language common among hackers targeting Brazil. “These Delphi-based codes attacking in Brazil see so much code re-use there, that the malware is not defined into ‘families’ like the ones we know from the module Trojan world (Zeus, Ursnif, Dridex, etc),” said Kessem in an interview with Threatpost.
AutoIt has been leveraged several times in the past by attackers as a way to circumvent AV. Cisco Talos noted in 2015 a group of hackers had used the tool in conjunction with phishing attacks to install a RAT designed to maintain persistence on the target’s system by mimicking normal sys admin activity.
In 2013, researchers noted an uptick in malware utilizing AutoIt as a scripting language and instances of keyloggers and RATs builders developed with AutoIt being uploaded to the text storage and sharing sites such as Pastebin.

In Brazil, X-Force researchers said, overlay malware remains the preferred way to carry out attacks against banks. “As long as those types of attacks continue to serve them, threat actors are unlikely to see a need for change,” researchers wrote."


Behind The Overlay (Moon Edition) : Pale Moon - Add-ons - Behind The Overlay (Moon Edition)

JustOff wrote on github page: GitHub - JustOff/behind-the-overlay-me: Behind The Overlay (Moon Edition)

What's it all about?

Some websites will use an overlay to mask its content with a transparent background to force you to read a message before you can see the actual content.

This is very annoying as every site will have a different way to close that overlay popup.

This extension solves this problem by offering one button to close any overlay on any website you may ever encounter.

Does it work everywhere ?
The extension should work on most sites that have overlays. Here is a list of some of the websites that the extension is know to work: WORKS_ON.md.

  • Requires no special permissions.
  • Extremely lightweight, relies on little known document.elementFromPoint browser's function to find elements that are in front with the highest z-index.
  • Non-intrusive. The extension activates only when you click its button, thereby it has no impact on navigation performance when you don't use the extension. Doesn't inject tons of CSS rules as AdBlock extension is doing for example.
  • Supports hiding of multiple DOM overlay elements.
  • Enables overflow auto of the body when overlay script hides it to disable the scroll of the page.

Firefox link to Behind The Overlay Revival by Iván Ruvalcaba: Behind The Overlay Revival – Add-ons for Firefox


Test page with overlay popup:

pbs.org: FRONTLINE | PBS | Official Site | Documentary Series
kakaku.com: 価格.com
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