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Adguard browser extension for Edge Beta v.2.3.7
Complete description and a download link are available on GitHub:
Release 2.3.7 Beta · AdguardTeam/AdguardBrowserExtension · GitHub

Adguard for Microsoft Edge browser: #202
So, we have finally ported Adguard browser extension to Microsoft Edge. However, we cannot yet publish it to Windows Store (as we don't see such option in developer dashboard . Hence, in order to install it you should make some changes to your Edge configuration.

Minimum supported Edge version is 38.14352.1002.0.
This means, that you should be on Insider Preview Windows version.
  1. Go to "about:flags" page.
  2. Turn on "Enable extension developer features".
  3. Unpack edge extension archive.
  4. Open Edge settings -> Extensions.
  5. Click "Load extension" button and choose unpacked extension folder.
  6. That's it, I hope you'll like it!
Known issues:
  1. Integration mode is not working yet.
  2. "Export" function crashes Edge.
  3. Adguard browser menu looks bad as we cannot control menu container size and shape.

DJ Panda

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Not to be the negative nancy but why does Microsoft allow adblockers? They are hurting their own revenue. Plus even with an adblocker Edge is probably still slower.
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