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Hello again!

Last time I've promised to present our Firefox extension in May and now it's time to do it.
We've just started Adguard for Firefox open beta test.

Few words about us and our product
1. What is Adguard for Firefox?
Adguard is an ad blocking extension for Firefox browser.

2. Why Adguard rather than ABP?
Because our extension is better, faster, easier and better-looking. Adguard is an adblocker of new generation. We don’t hold on to the code, written years ago. We listen carefully to our users and react to their wishes and suggestions.

We’ve created our own infrastructure, that includes:
+ Extensions for all popular browsers
+ Applications for Windows and soon for Mac OS, Android, iOS
+ Our own ad filters, which we support relying on feedback from users

edit: doesn't work on Cyberfox, it installs but disappears from UI at next launch
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I've been using it from yesterday and it works great. It's definitely fast. Removed Disconnect and Adblock plus.
*Not giving my final opinion though.
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Thanks Umbra this is what I waiting fo ;)
and Do not worry, I will report it to Cyberfox Devs ;) He does not want upset its users :cool:

@Umbra Polaris Beta Adguard works great with latest stable Cyberfox 28.0.1, inform to you :) I am enjoying with it now ;)
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Testing on spare computer with FF, so far it is consuming a little less memory, not really enough to dump ABP altogether..
Still testing how effective it is at its job though, will edit this post when finished.
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