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I will say it is well worth it as it blocks ads in apps so you can save some $ on some apps having no ads and a great firewall to filter traffic also as Adguard sets a network filtering on your device. I have several lifetime licenses and using them on my devices for ages.
Currently stacksocial has a great offer for it.


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Yes, it's worth it. I use AdGuard on Android 9 (with DNS filter enabled) and it works fine. The only ads that Adguard cannot block are in the YouTube app (you can download YouTube Vanced) but other than that it works well. Why not use the 14 days trial and see how it works on your phone?

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thanks for replies :) main reason for me is integration with youtube aplication and samsung browser on android :)

I trying a free trial and thah it is what i want :)

I read about blokada it is similar to adguard?
Youtube APP uses the new API which bypasses Adguard, is exactly what I told you in my first comment where Adguard is only effective in browser.

It still works on some APPs with the outdated API, is a matter of time.