Have you used Outpost Firewall before?

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Behold Eck

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Guys, relax you can always use the Agnitum Outpost firewall. It is not dead but you won`t receive any update. On my Windows 7 runs smoothly & i don`t need updates for it, it is just a very good & advanced FW.


Cheer up, it is still alive in our PCs. :)

Yes it`s the security suite that`s lost it`s AV part. The firewall is still good:D

Regards Eck:)


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It's not dead! they are working on Yandex browser.
wl_hook64.dll this DLL file is responsible for Hips alerts and keylogger protection in Yandex browser and you can find it here:C:\Program Files\Yandex\Browser\Protect
I just found this Dll with a tool that can detect strange stuff on windows:)
If u do a search then you will find wl_hook.dll Windows process - What is it?
belongs to Software Agnitum Outpost Firewall Pro
And from what I know Yandex bought that company already, it means this browser is more than a simple browser and the Agnitum team working on it.:)
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