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Piriform, the makers of CCleaner have unveiled their brand new product ‘Agomo’ which will allow users to clean, defrag and monitor their computer system from anywhere using their web browsers.

With Agomo installed on your computer system you can:

Defrag your system’s hard disk using the Defragger technology.
Add or remove the programs from your computer system using this cloud-based software.
Optimize the software installed on any of your machines and or schedule your optimization
Speed up and secure your computer system with CCleaner.
Fix bugs and problems in the Windows Registry
Control your startup programs
Maintain your PC from anywhere and Clean locally or remotely
Monitor your disk space, CPU load memory and other system components using this program.
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Sign up for BETA -

I prefer hands-on maintenance, will be interesting to see how this turns out.


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Couldnt this be very harmful if accounts got comprimised? people's accounts get hacked, they add custom locations (documents, windows os) and then you lose data.. could this be a possibility or do they have set locations


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It sounds interesting but can anyone tell me why you would need to optimize your system from the cloud? When you can just download CCleaner and do it manually.

What happens if you are running a system maintenance in the cloud and you loose your Internet? will your system get corrupted?

I wouldn't want to find out the hard way so I will pass on this service.

Thanks. :D


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Agomo - Optimize your computer

From the people who brought you CCleaner,here's a new way to clean from the cloud.
Clean locally or remotely
Defrag your drives
Fix problems in the Windows Registry


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I love this! I highly doubt Piriform would let something go awry remotely.

I do 90 percent of computer work remotely, working for people in different states. I get tired of having to fire up Teamviewer and have to get emailed a password to just run CCleaner and clean the registry every week for these clients. And TBH, I wouldn't want them running it themselves.

This is a dream come true for me, and what I honestly wanted Soluto to be.

This really is great, and I understand not wanting to use it on home computers when you can do it locally but for those of us who work for consulting stuff and work for people cleaning their registry and PC all over the country, it really is great.

Best news I've heard all week!


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I'd assume it will be FREE during the beta period, after that it may require a fee (or free up to x PCs)


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Looks like if agencies are very interested in everyones warez on the computer, all the fap pictures, videos and other cluttered crap. It must be of high national interest, i guess. Mainly because they have no other sh#t to do in their jobs.
Like NSA wants not only to read my emails but to poke around in my temp files & registry, too? :lol:


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The next release of Piriform would be Agomo (CCleaner + Defraggler from the cloud).
It will be available for Windows, Mac and mobile phones.
It offers manual and scheduled tasks, process kill, monitoring and alerts.
Agomo is available in private beta. You can sign up to request an invitation.

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After the Beta period we we'll see the prices plans (maybe like in CCleaner Network Edition) and if they'll let some free plan to manage a limited number of computers.
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