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Level 24
Hello, the free Korean signature antivirus is available in English. Regards.

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what's the difference between free and internet security? firewall? can't find any other difference.ver good product.
ASD cloud based·variants of malware inspection
  • - The PC download the new file for the ASD cloud diagnostic techniques using normal or malignant, whether real-time check
  • - New and variant malware is quickly detected and blocked
Doubt program run blocking and deletion
  • - Reputation-based diagnostic technology through the use of suspicious files run blocking
  • - If necessary, the user is suspicious that you think the file directly blocking possible
I think this av have a light bb. am I wrong?
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I've been testing it in SD. And if it's light. I tested it with a sample of Malware 25 in total (old) and only 4 remained.
I've also tried it with AMTSO has behaved well.
Definitely not a great test, but this AV makes a good impression:giggle:

Mahesh Sudula

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Malware Tester
Ahnlab is a region based AV. So mostly does well within that region based prevalent threats/ attacks.
Pros: Good signatures, Improved handling and removal of detected malware, BB is improved.
Cons: Poor Cloud, BB takes time (sometimes after few files were encypted), Anti phising is 0

Use this AV beside another AV,,as it is free:)