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Because it fails to protecting my pc from common viruses and network attacks.But Private firewall protect me from many of them in windows 7 and 8.And please check Pc security Channel video.That also shows how this product failed.
One comment when it comes to youtube videos: take it with a pinch of salt.
What may fail or work for one user, can have the opposite effect to another.

ZoneAlarm firewall (unless you are referring to another of their products) is not suppose to block viruses. Network attacks yes, depending on what you classify as network attack.

Private firewall: It is a proactive multi-layer security solution, offering behaviour blocking technology alongside standard firewall protection. Using Behavioral-based Monitoring, it features zero-hour virus, spyware, and malware protection, process and application security, and registry protection for example, so you can't really compare it to ZoneAlarm in that sense.

In any case, any firewall solution, works fine and as intended. Binisoft WFC, Sphinx Soft's Windows 10 Firewall Control and TinyWall are additional features to be "added" to Windows Firewall for either ease of use, more flexibility or advanced users configurations (if you do not want to dig into stock Windows Firewall options)

In the end the available free options exist:

ZoneAlarm Firewall
Comodo Firewall
Outpost Free suite (just for its firewall usage)
Binisoft Windows Firewall Control
Sphinx Soft Windows 10 Firewall Control

Those are the standalones that still exist and work fine, one offering more bells and whistles than another etc.


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Thanks Everyone for suggestions.

I'm quoting few replies for more questions, so that I can decide. :)

only comodo fw, other

windows firewall? no?
use Internet Security :D
Which Internet Security would you recommend me? I had earlier tried KIS2011/2012, but neither do have a license now, nor does it supports various configurations in latest version.

you have one easy option: OpenDNS (Home Internet Security | OpenDNS)

Sign up for free, set the dns servers then go to Umbrella > login and configure for your connection. On the list of selectable content, below you can manually add domains.

Edit: another option is to use HOST files manipulation.

As for Firewalls to block sites, zonealarm is one option that I remember having before. Havent visited the program for quite some time tho.
Thanks. Open DNS and Umbrella are new to me. I'll have a check on them. Good to learn new things.

I just swap Outpost Firewall Pro with SpyShelter Firewall, very light for system and you can buy lifetime licenses.
How is your experience so far with SpyShelter Firewall. Did you buy it?

Privatefirewall is your best option for windows7.Avira Pro+Malwarebytes Anti-Malware+Privatefirewall:)
My Avira Pro will expire in May-2016. I remember PrivateFirewall debuted as a new kid on the block a few years back and have been giving tough competition to other products. It's mainly known for it's HIPS protection (that's what I think so). Guess that could be an option for me.

If you want freeware firewall with very good web-content filtering - there is none.

COMODO Firewall is good firewall, but web-content filtering is essentially non-existent.

You can use COMODO Firewall + Norton ConnectSafe DNS. Both are free.

The problem with DNS filtering is that it filters URLs that you would very likely never - ever - visit.

For good web-content filtering I highly recommend Adguard (desktop version - not the browser extension). It is paid.

If you want freeware, then uBlock Origin is one of the better alternatives.

COMODO Firewall will be the closest at replicating your experience with Outpost, but they are dis-similar in many respects.
Sorry, but I didn't get the part - web-content filtering. I just say add URL to Outpost-, and it won't allow opening I do this manually by adding URLs to Outpost. Is this what is called- web-content filtering?

If so, why not keep using Outpost Firewall?

I agree with @kronckew on his posts in Outpost Firewall 9.3 | Page 3 | Wilders Security Forums :
Hmm....I'm reading through the above link. Thanks for sharing it with me.
Btw- are you aware what rules does Outpost provide in the updates?

Once again, I want to thank fellow members for giving suggestions so promptly that I can go back and explore a few options for now.
Nonetheless, I'm still looking forward for any other option & open to suggestions. :)

Thanks, Grr


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I had earlier tried KIS2011/2012, but neither do have a license now
Since you are a user of Outpost Firewall, now you could get a 3-user license of KIS. Please check the link below:


Please note that the deadline of this migration is January 31.

Guess Privatefirewall could be an option for me.
When I tried Privatefirewall in my VM, I found it similar to Outpost Firewall: with privatefirewall, you can also make some fine-grained rules for network ports (like outpost firewall), and make some "not fine-grained":D HIPS rules (just like outpost firewall).

Compared to Outpost Firewall, I think PrivateFirewall is more user-friendly, because:
  • Privatefirewall allows you to adjust the trusted vendor list. You can also choose to trust the vendor in a pop-up.
  • In the pop-up of privatefirewall, you can choose to trust all the activities of a component that triggers the alert.
These two features makes answering the alerts much more easily. In outpost firewall, when I set the firewall policy to "Block Most", and set "Anti Leak" to the Maximum Level, sometimes there would be too many alerts (although still much less than the paranoid mode of Comodo HIPS:p), and it is boring to answer them. (Of coursing, turning on the auto-learning mode can help in such case).

A big disadvantage of privatefirewall, in my opinion, is its strange tray icon...:p

are you aware what rules does Outpost provide in the updates
Sorry, I have not paid attention to it. As mentioned by the admin of the outpost forum, the presets will only be used when you enable the “auto-creation" feature. Since you have used outpost for a long time, I think you have already created essential rules, with auto-creation, auto-learning, and manual config, right? In such case, disabling the "auto-creation" feature will not cause problems to you, I think.;)
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Thanks @Online_Sword for replying.

Since you have used outpost for a long time, I think you have already created essential rules, with auto-creation, auto-learning, and manual config, right? In such case, disabling the "auto-creation" feature will not cause problems to you, I think.;)
Yes. Over all these years I have come across numerous pop-ups to agree/disallow processes/applications- both via auto learning & manual. So all those configurations are available to me, also saved as CONFIG file.


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@legitpc MBAE bolsters my security without the added resource usage as I am running a custom built DigitalStorm gaming system, but I am glad you benefit from using Outpost it sounds like you like it a lot.
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The anti Exploit (MBAE) is not in anyway a sig based software, where did you get that ? lol
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