Advice Request Alternative to SandboxiePlus??

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Jan 6, 2019

Browser:: FirefoxPortable

OS:: Windows 10

Hi everyone,

I wonder whether you could assist me, please.

I’m not a computer-expert, in any form or shape.

I’ve been using Sandboxie for quite a few years (without actually understanding it).

I’ve got a FirefoxPortable on an “area” of the C drive (for example, “Music”).

For such FirefoxPortable – in order to create, save, use, etc, bookmarks, while sandboxed (and have such bookmarks available also when No Longer sandboxed) – I’ve used this method, without any problem, for years::

  1. Sandboxie >>>> Sandboxie Control >>>> Sandbox >>>> Default Box >>>> Sandbox Settings >>>> Applications >>>> Folders
  2. in “Select folders for” (drop-down menu), I would choose “Firefox”
  3. in “Alternate location”, I would enter (for example)::
    the name of the “area”\folder-name\FirefoxPortable\Data\profile

Now, 2022, Sandboxie Plus Classic doesn’t work with such FirefoxPortable, no matter what I try, and, in SandboxiePlus, I’m not able to find those options.

By the way, if I right-click on the FirefoxPortable’s icon, and I run it INSIDE SandboxiePlus, I can create bookmarks etc, but, the moment I close it, and reopen it Without using SandboxiePlus, all the newly created bookmarks etc have vanished.

Could anyone please suggest an alternative to SandboxiePlus??

Many thanks
Kind regards



Digmor Crusher

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Jan 27, 2018
I don't use Sandboxie anymore, in my eyes it has become a perpetual beta and complicated mess now, no disrespect to the developer as he's brilliant. If you go to Wilders there are several threads for Sandboxie, as well the developer is there frequently answering questions and solving issues. You may get your answer there. I don't think there is a similar replacement.


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Jan 8, 2011
Can you clarify the version numbers you are running for both Firefox Portable and Sandboxie+?

If you are using a pre-release of Sandboxie+, can you revert back to a stable build? And does that solve your issue?
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Aug 10, 2013
Last time "Cruelsister" took a look at shade sandbox the results weren't good (in terms of shades security). Also it's not free afaik.
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