AMD beats Intel with first CPUs that have Xbox-like security for Windows


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Apr 17, 2020
AMD is the first to implement Microsoft Pluton.

AMD is launching its Ryzen 6000 laptop processors today, and they’re the first to include Microsoft’s new Pluton security processor. It’s a new security chip that’s designed to bring Xbox-like security to Windows PCs, to secure hardware and cryptographic keys.

Surprisingly, AMD is the first out of the door with CPUs featuring Pluton, beating Intel and Qualcomm to integrate the latest in Windows security features. Pluton is designed to block new and emerging attack vectors that are often used to compromise PCs.

Microsoft has taken its learnings from Xbox, which has physical attack protections, to try to bring similar protections to Windows PCs. Pluton is essentially an evolution of the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) that’s baked directly into the CPU.
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