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With the launch of AMD Ryzen, AMD is looking to expand into a more profitable and more hostile market and that’s the cloud and data server market. A lot of companies think only of the consumer market but for Intel and AMD enterprises is where they make their big bucks. That’s the bread and butter for these companies because when you talked about data server, cloud servers, Amazon AWS. Companies like Netflix will use Amazon AWS or maybe Google services will use a bunch of high-end processors and with A.I. being a thing for the future going forward.

It’s going to be a big play for AMD to be back into this market because they don’t have many shares and it’s like less than 1%. These companies don’t buy just 2 CPU’s like a normal consumer do, they buy hundred’s and thousands of high-end CPU’s and they signed muti-year sales and service agreement which worth million and millions of $dollar. And sometimes it could last for 10 years and more so they can capture that which is basically a guaranteed revenue and it would be a good thing to AMD and Intel.

AMD is hopping that Naples will bring them back into this market because they aren’t really exits in this market and Intel is just dominating. So Naples is AMD’s Ryzen Architecture but for server and this thing alone just based on specs is a beast. It’s impressive what they’ve done to it, it’s almost like what they did with desktop introducing 8 cores when Intel has forced everyone on 4 cores.

When you look at the specs here you’ll see what AMD has done to the server market which is quit impressive. If AMD is aggressive with the pricing as their desktop market, a lot of companies especially those that make the decision to buy new CPU’s and servers will think twice about buying Intel. Or at the very least you’ll have these decision maker consider diversifying and not staying 100% Intel because as long as they can get their foot in the door that gives more opportunity to sell more product. Which AMD is hope to achieve.

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