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Oct 1, 2019
Daily driver
My primary device
Operating system
Windows 10 Home
OS build or version
System type
64-bit operating system; x64-based processor
Update and Security
Allow all automatic updates
User Access Control
Always notify
Firewall and Network protection
Microsoft Defender Firewall is active
User permissions
Standard account
User account
Sign in with Google
options
  • Windows Hello PIN
  • Malware exposure
    No malware samples are downloaded
    Real-time Malware protection
    Eset Nod 32
    Modified security settings
    Tweaked for maximum protection @ tweaks by Roboman
    HIPS in Smart Mode
    Periodic scanners
    Hitman pro
    Browser and Extensions
    Netcraft + BD Trafficlight + Nano Adblocker
    Privacy tools and VPN
    no tools
    Maintenance tools
    Kerish Doctor
    Photos and Files backup
    Macrium Reflect free
    File Backup schedule
    Once or multiple times per month
    Backup and Restore
    Macrium Reflect free
    Backup schedule
    Once or more per year
    Computer Activity
  • Playing computer games
  • Online banking
  • Browsing the web and checking emails
  • Streaming movies, TV shows and music from the Internet
  • Computer Specifications
    i7- 9700k
    KFA GTX 2080
    MSI Z 370 A PRO
    GSKILL AEGIS DDR4 3000 16 GB
    Samsung 850 EVO 500 GB

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    Level 19
    Removed: Webroot AV for Gamers

    from one day to the next, the disappointment started. I dont know what happened in background, but the system began to jerk
    and the windows defender was active parallely with webroot. A reboot doesnt work to fix this problem. :mad::poop:(n)

    added for testing: Qihoo 360 TS ( with avira engine enabled + ads blocked with firewall)
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