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Thanks for sharing your configuration :)
but what did you mean by
"Real-Time Protection : Antivirus, Firewall, Antimalware, default"


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I'd recommend a different backup solution, for the whole data of course. (in case of any failures)

Example : Paragon Backup & Recovery Free 2014

You can get a full backup and send it (with encryption) to a cloud storage if you do not have enough memory on-the-go, or in any case :)

Other than that, it seems good for me. Thanks for sharing your config! :)


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Windows Malware? Do you mean Windows 8 security?
Maybe HTTPS Everywhere in chrome
Thanks for sharing your config :)


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Hi Amit, I too used Spybot Search & Destroy on my older XP system. It found cookies I'd remove after an over long scan process.o_O After joining MT, both Staff & members recommended (2) effective secondary scanners. They perform well beyond the abilities of the old faithful Spybot on a newer system such as Windows 8.1.;) malwarebytes & HitmanPro
The latter, HitmanPro, found over 300 cookies & other items both Avira Free AV & Spybot could not; & after breathing new life into my old slower system, it became much faster!:cool:
As mentioned above, prepare in event any changes affect functionality of your system as something important can sometimes be removed as a result of "cleaning". Do some type of backup first.:)
Finally, CCleaner is a free software that removes cookies, temp files, and lots of other "junk" quickly, & safely enough to use daily. Read about, & download it safely here
Note: There is a portable version available, you'd place on an external flash drive, if you'd like to keep your system clear. On the site you'll see the word portable. Good luck, & thanks for sharing your configuration!