Aug 6, 2012

monitor for registry changes RegShot is a small utility that allows you to quickly take a snapshot
of your registry and then compare it with a later one - done after doing system changes or installing
a new software product. The changes report can be produced in text or HTML format and contains a list
of all modifications that have taken place between Snapshot1 and Snapshot2. In addition to registry changes,
RegShot can also scan a folder on your hard drive and check for file changes.




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Feb 10, 2012
DiskPulse Free/Payment - Analize folders/files changes in real time
SysTracer "payment" Files/Registry change snapshot analize
MultiMon "payment" Analize File Registry and other such things in real time
VMware Wokrstation + ThinApp = Virtualization + modify Repository, but you can use it to analize malware changes sometinhg like Sandboxie with BSA Antivirus Scanning in a VMware View Virtual Desktop Environment That Includes ThinApp Virtualized Applications - VMware ThinApp Blog

Phrozen Windows File Monitor - "free" monitor changes in real time
NtRegEdit - Native Registry Editor - Free and probably most advanced register editor which i could use :)

ArtMoney - i know its software to hacking games like CE but this tool have extended HEX editor and complex lua injector when i have to bypass wirus and such others tools like SpyWare Proces detector.. VIP Edition can change name of process program to any wish you, help hide proces for other programs/viruses.

other tool i prefer is IDA and Hiew but for sure you know it :p
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