Updates Android 9 now available for Fairphone 2 (2015)


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Jan 8, 2011
Original: Redefining longevity: Android 9 now available for Fairphone 2
This year is a milestone for us, and you, as it marks 5 years of continuous support of the Fairphone 2. It is also one of the few Android smartphones sold in that year (2015), to still receive continued software support. It might not seem like a big deal, but trust us, it is. This is the only smartphone to receive an upgrade to Android 9 and we had to build the operating system without any support from chip-maker Qualcomm.

The Android 9 roll-out starts today, March 25th, and will continue until April 18th. Since this is such a significant step for us, we want to ensure the update goes smoothly. This staged roll-out helps us monitor the release deployment and react more efficiently, in case of any hiccups.

via Windows Central (The five-year-old 'ethical' Fairphone 2 is getting a new Android OS update)
  • The five-year-old Fairphone 2 is receiving an update to Android 9.
  • It was launched with Android 5 out of the box and has received two major OS upgrades so far.
  • Fairphone has also confirmed that an update to Android 11 will be rolled out to the Fairphone 3 and 3+ in H2 2021.