Level 8
Tell me what you guys think?

It might seem a bit "Light" with only Avast! free running but I have Hardened Mode on aggressive and believe me its quite powerful on that level about up to par with Exe Radar Pro.

I don't have avast's web/network shield installed as I find that Panda's URL Filter does quite a better job at blocking websites.


Level 5
Great config, Avast with these settings is strong and Avira Browser Safety has great web protection. Just change AdBlock to uBlock Origin and you can also add Zemana AntiMalware Portable as an ondemand scanner, I believe it's much better than Malwarebytes. Overall, HitmanPro and Zemana AntiMalware are the best ondemand scanners in my opinion. Malwarebytes isn't as good as it used to be.