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Looks good. I usually recommend uBlock Origin over ABP. @LabZero made a post recently that outlined the differences quite nicely.

I tested ABP and uBlock Origin but the matter of the acceptable ads re-evaluate some things and I'll explain my opinion from what I understand and please correct me if I wrong.

ABP automatically upload the lists of rules that instruct the app on how to manage the objects contained in web pages. These rules can lock or unlock but, when already some time ago, there was the problem of the list of acceptable ads, some options were available : make the list not optional, but mandatory;
make the list optional, but enabled at the origin (that's the current situation), or make the list optional, but disabled by default, which it was the mode that all of us would have preferred, except of course who gets the money from advertisers.
That's why two forks of ABP were created but they leave the forks after a short time because the list was optional ( it was possible to disable it ), and problems to maintain the forks in parallel with the developments of ABP.
ABP for Firefox, which was the original version, has an interface that is quite complex to create the filter's rules, which can be used in addition to the pre loaded lists, or alone. If all users write their own rules we could not accuse ABP to block one thing or the other, because the user may decide what to block and what.
On the other side, the user, in exchange of some work to define the rules, should not worry that others will decide instead of him what is acceptable and what is not.

UBlock load the same lists of ABP (which are created by third parties), but it has an interface (array type) to another type of rules, and quite different operation.
In this case, the problem is greater compared with ABP because there is no possibility to replace the default rules with their own rules.

Therefore, it is not the fact that ABP "sell advertising", because of the fact that the user cannot or does not want to define his own rules and instead he wants a software install and forget, fully automatic. Automatism is the obvious problem that's always someone else decides what to block and what not.

ABP (above all) is also a technical problem about the performance of the browser and If we consider Firefox, which I use, I see the gradual abandonment of the classic extensions to the benefit of extensions based on the API (webextension) that should be (partially) compatible Chrome.

So UBlock Origin for me.

Also, I highly suggest you don't put live malware onto your host PC at all.

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Just a on demand scan, I do not execute any samples.
There is no point in doing just Static "right click scans" test only. One needs to test both statically and dynamically to fully test the products ability to keep the system from getting infected. Since most products now rely heavily on combined Modules and not just signatures.

It is as spoken already, never recommended to test on your live PC, nor is it responsible.

I would like to add, a recommendation to back up your system, as even if you have a built in factory image, there is always that slight chance of Hardware failure that could catch you off guard.

Lucent Warrior

Following your reactions I will stop testin malware on this machine. As well, I am looking into all of your recommendations.
For your understanding, the reasons "which we could list many" but for now, the top two, being..
1. Even doing just static tests "which there is no point in doing" you can actually trigger a sample, causing its execution just by scanning it, as the AV needs to access the file to scan it.
2. If something did execute and bust out onto your network, you have now put others at risk "Hence the Responsible part i mentioned"

Now if you enjoy testing and helping others, there is plenty of information and experienced users in this forum that can help you get started in doing it properly, starting with the seasoned malware testers in the Malware Hub.


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Well fine configuration at all.

Avast Hardened Mode will definitely protect you out at all circumstances, their HIPS and other stuff are not so effective beyond expectation but good for implementation.

Consider the backup solution.


I like Comodo FW addition :cool: Configure it..and Avast will serve you for your decent AV needs.
change to uBlock Origin from AdblockPlus.
and LastPass maybe :)
Good config :)


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Just make sure Update to new Feature builds for windows is disabled to prevent your AV filters and drivers to crash or removed after major branch update. Try imaging SW such as Seagate/WD powered Acronis or Macrium Reflect or Clonezilla.