[Antivirus engine] AVG or McAfee?

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For me, AVG is better product than mcaffe, engine too.

AVG has indentity protection..a very good behaviour blocker, the definitions are very good too..so in conclusion, AVG is much better than mcaffe.. + AVG always get good result i my test...mcaffe always FAIL :D


AVG. I've learned from personal experiences that McAfee is horrible. It has horrible detection rates to start of with. Within the first week of getting my new computer (pre-installed with McAfee), I got a fake anti-virus and I had to clean it up myself. Then it doesn't have a behavior blocker that I can see. A behavior blocker is a must in an IS and it doesn't have one :?.
McAfee has also been blocking legitimate programs on my PC.
McAfee is horrible.
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