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Which Antivirus would you recommend for my Android phone ?
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Have you taken (or understand) the necessary steps to prevent unwanted / rogue / malicious apps from getting installed on your Android device?

- Only install apps from the Google Play Store.
Although not completely foolproof, it does help stop unknown sourced apps from getting installed.
- Check the permissions and user ratings or reviews, prior to installing.
Helps stop apps gaining full access.


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Security Apps should protect you and your devices, your data and your personal information.
So it would be combination of security apps! From a trusted site as Huracan had mention in the
above post.


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I use Avast + Anti-Theft. No complains so far. But you can try others and choose what suits you.


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Most of those "viruses dont even install automatically, YOU install them which simply means that you DO NOT need an antivirus if you know what you're doing. The only "security" app I use is cerberus anti-theft, other than that security apps drain battery unnecessarily.

@Dima007 >Implying iOS or windows phones are any better when it comes to security


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Personally, I need an app to protect me while i'm browsing, not about new installed or malicious apps because I only use PlayStore and i dont install risky/strange things on my smartphone.
My problem is represented by those damn popup on many mobile version sites, on which I could tap by error and redirect me to scam/porn sites or auto-download risky apps.
I tried many AV apps that claim to support web protection (list you something: CM, avira, webroot, avg, lookout and many others FREE ones) but only AVAST has been the App that protected me this way. So I got it with just web protection, very effective and light as a feather ;)
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