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This could set a precedent leading to a "Slippery Slope" type of situation, or Panda just needs to seriously evaluate its claims on it's site, it's advertisements and especially it's EULA. Most companies explicitly state you are using the product at your own risk and their damages are limited to x number of dollars. I should probably stop there.

I am not sure about the repair shop - but from my limited knowledge the EU has good Consumer protection laws.

Regardless, their legal team is probably working to prevent this from happening again (I would hope so).


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Since the topic brought about advertisement, then I found to dislike on how AV's promote achievements/awards.

Why? Because there is no longer a bearing since most of the time they will promote awards from 2010, 2011 instead on latest; for sure many people fell on that common advertisement.


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If they guaranteed 100% protection in their advertising, otherwise clearly not at fault.

Obviously no AV will ever be 100%.
*....100% according to may 2015 tests?!? This is :D Come, on, really? Smart guys, though. I`m 100% :) sure they gained a lot of money with this statement so paying $200 to a customer is a piece of cake versus the cash obtained. Even if it was the truth, the tests done in 2015 would have been ancient history regarding the malware. I think they were obliged to pay based on deceiving advertising and sly commercial practices. ;)


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… It's not a big deal to them, but the media …
You know what the worst thing is? I bet nobody's gonna give a hoot. Us, we're on a roll. And that granny. That's it. Ask a random person what AV he's got. Answer: "Err… uh… dunno".

Tell them about data breaches, bog brother, they'll nod and say "Sure, lemme just check my Yahoo und Google mail and whatsapp my buddy, be right with ya". :confused:

Reminds me of the hoohah around the new MacBook. That thing is $400 more this year with just about zip ports other than USB-C. Oh wait, it's got the headphone jack they took away from the phone where people actually needed it. Apple boards are overflowing with rage, every tech nut is on fire, reviews on YouTube tearing the thing a new one and here's Apple, unable to deliver their new MacBook due to popular and completely overwhelming demand. :rolleyes: